About Ruth

With a background as a practising clinical pharmacist, Ruth has experience in clinical examination skills. Professionalism and attention to detail are the forefront of her business.

Ruth was trained by Sereta Parker, Audiologist in Oxfordshire, who is a regional trainer for NHS Rotherham Ear Care & Audiologist Service. To complement this extensive training and assessment, she has also undergone the Tympa Health training.

Ruth has a real passion for ensuring that the hearing of her patients is not affected by wax. Her goal is to prevent social isolation which is a big issue for many, especially those in care home/nursing home settings.

Ruth wants to be able to offer her community a relaxed, efficient and individual experience in a friendly and welcoming space.


  • Master of Pharmacy (MPharm)
    University of Bath 2004-2008
  • Independent Prescribing
    University of Bath 2015
  • Clinical Diploma in Prescribing and Therapeutics
    University of Bath 2020
  • Advanced Clinical Examination Skills
    University of Bath 2022